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2023 in review

2023 in review

Dear sportsmen and friends,

During this period of celebration, we want to take this time to send you our best wishes and hope 2024 will be a year full of love, joy, health and peace for you and your loved ones. We are glad to share with you our highlights from last year and reveal what the new year will bring at Air Tamarac: “THE specialist in fly-in fishing and hunting trips in Quebec!”.



It all started with a hasty thaw period and a dry spring without rain in our region. This has never been seen before! It was the perfect scenario to trigger wildfires and turn our season upside down.

As of June 4th, access to the forest was banned by the government. We evacuated our first clients of the season and employees until the fires were calmer. We went more than 5 weeks without clients (or almost – a few lucky ones were able to come fish during the 4-day reopening of the Gouin Reservoir). It is only on July 12th that we were able to open the outfitter entirely.

During this period, our devoted employees worked hard to stop the fires. It is thanks to their relentlessness that they were able to save our installations. However, it is the rain at the end of June and beginning of July that really put an end to the wildfires.

When we finally reopened in mid-July, it was without surprise that the fish were at the rendezvous and excited to see you.

A year to forget? Not entirely!  Despite the hardships we endured during this uncommon season, the fishing was beyond all expectations with a high number of walleyes, trophy pikes that could make your jaw drop and some nice big bulls collected on the Lake de la Sauterelle and Angèle territory.

In summary, the hard times experienced this year have showed us the resilience of our employees, the solidarity and support in Clova and the Outfitter community in general.  You were very understanding during these events. Your responses for 2024 reflect your fidelity and attachment to Air Tamarac- We could not be more grateful.



Despite the weather hazards, our team was productive with multiple renovation projects. We have finished the major project on Lake Hebert that had started in fall of 2022. This has brought to our cabin’s electricity and indoor toilets. In addition, we have added some outdoor cooking areas equipped with new Napoleon BBQs, perfect for grilling your walleye.

The forced waiting period due to the fires permitted us to complete many maintenance projects that had been put aside : new porch and floor at cabin #23; new kitchen, a closed bedroom and new porch for cabin #24; new docks for cabins #22 and #3 at Lake Sauterelle; new foundations for cabin #46 on the Gouin; installation of electric water systems at every cabin on the Gouin: no more water towers or pumps.

As of next year, at the heart of our new walking trail on the west side of the main Island on Lake Hebert, we will install a covered viewpoint perfect for shore lunches. Finally, in order to improve our Air Taxi services we have acquired a Cessna 206, for a total of 5 aircrafts. We will now have an additional plane to serve you better.

With our superior fishing and hunting quality, equipment, comfortable lodging and a helpful customer service, Air Tamarac takes it into its own hands to stay the destination of choice for fishermen and hunters!


 Amazing dates are still available. Reserve your stay in priority before our show season. 

Take advantage of this holiday season to offer a loved one a memorable trip in the heart of Quebec wilderness.   

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