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2022 in review

2022 in review

Dear sportsmen and friends,

During this period of celebration, we want to take time to send you our best wishes and hope 2023 will be a year full of love, joy, health and peace for you and your loved ones. This special moment allows us to share with you highlights from last year and make announcements on what is to come at Air Tamarac: “THE specialist in fly-in fishing and hunting trips in Quebec!”.



A memorable season: this year was by far our busiest season in history, thanks to you, our faithful clients! The fishing quality was satisfactory, and our team made sure your experience with us was exceptional.

With a very warm month of May, we arrived early in Clova to open our cottages and prepare our installations for the arrival of our first passionate fishermen.

Water levels at lake Hebert were extremely high at that time. Excess waters that normally dissipate with the opening of the fishing season, lasted longer than we hoped and slightly complicated our operations on the island. Fortunately, this was restored before the end of June.

Contrarily to the warm spell we experienced in the spring, the cold days of June and July made sure that the lakes kept a colder temperature

As a result, the weeks with big fights leading to trophy pikes were abundant and the brook trouts on the Sauterelle territory stayed active throughout the season. However, on the Hebert and Gouin Reservoir, the walleyes seemed to be less grouped and gave you an extra challenge!

Since lakes Charlotte and Angele are shallower, they were able to reach their normal temperature for walleye and our catch-and-release policy on these lakes also contributed to your successes.




In addition to being a record year for us, 2022 was also a season full of projects and renovations on our cottages. This has kept our team well occupied throughout the season.

Our SAUTERELLE TERRITORY now offers indoor toilets and showers in all cottages. The renovations on cabin #3 with a cathedral ceiling, beautiful tongue-and-groove pine walls, a new metal roof, new doors, and windows, completes the revamp of our lodging on this lake. Next spring, all that will be left to do is replace the windows of cabin #2 and install our new water purifying system to get potable drinking water on site. A first on our territories!

As promised, cabins #17 and #45 on the Gouin Reservoir now have new white kitchen cabinets that give them a very airy look and helps the functionality.  Come and see for yourself!

Finally, we have completed our BIG renovations we have all been waiting for on lake Hebert. Indeed, all 8 of our cottages have been upgraded with an extension to make room for complete bathrooms with new showers, indoor toilets and urinals. While some needed more extensive renovations, all received solar panel electricity to power from now on: the lights and our new electric refrigerators. Hebert as well will get its system to purify water on site!

Once the project is done, it will offer two new hiking trails, one 2km long with a belvedere at the west side of the island and one that will allow you to hike and fish our new expedition lake on the north-western side of Hebert. By the way, we are now accepting suggestions for the name of this new lake!

With our superior fishing and hunting quality, equipment, comfortable lodging and a devoted customer service, Air Tamarac takes it into its own hands to stay the destination of choice for fishermen and hunters!


 Amazing dates are still available. Reserve your stay in priority before our show season.  We will be at:

The Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA from February 4th - 12th. Booth # 2610

Outdoor, Hunting & Fishing Show of Montreal at Palais des Congrès from February 17th - 19th booth # 1809-1811

Take advantage of this holiday season to offer a loved one a memorable trip in the heart of Quebec wilderness.   

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