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2020 in review

2020 in review

Dear sportsmen and friends,

Once again, we find ourselves at the end of another successful year and, into the spirit of the Holiday Season, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who, for the last 26 years, have trusted us.  

We thank you for your support and wish you Happy Holidays and a year filled with health, peace, love and happiness…with a return to our good old pre-covid lifestyle!


2020 will be the year we won’t forget! It has proven our great capacity to adapt and change in all part of our lives and business tactics. Covid brought new health standards and a bunch of sanitary measures; we managed to put in place onboard our seaplane, at the office and at the cabins, a course of action to keep you safe, well informed and still offer a very pleasant stay!

Even though we missed a large part of our U.S. clientele with the international border closure, the Canadians also had to stay home and enjoyed the wilderness that Quebec has to offer and many of you discovered our quality of fishing and lodging for the first time.

The quantity and sizes of walleyes caught and released this year on Gouin reservoir has impressed us. Many big ones were returned to the water and will be there for you to catch next year. This is the result of the 13-18.5 inches slot limit implanted 5 years ago.

Trout fishing at Lac-de-la-Sauterelle has remained excellent even with the late opening of the season, to the delight of our brook trout fishermen.  Admire some beautiful catches on our photo album or on the Air Tamarac Facebook/Instagram pages. You will also see that our moose hunt has been very successful.


The 2020 season at Air Tamarac was filled with many small projects. With a smaller clientele, we’ve been able to do lots of construction work on our cabins at Gouin reservoir, lake Hebert and lake Charlotte. New porches, rebuilding of all our firewood shelters, leveling of many cabins were among others, all work done by our talented and devoted team.  

In 2020 some of you had the chance to enjoy, for the first time, our lake Angele territory. A completely new cabin with solar power where you can fish for walleye and trophy pike on 3 different private lakes. For 2021 you could still be within the first groups to tickle the fish and enjoy the tranquility and exceptional fishing that this territory has to offer.

For the coming season, Air Tamarac will focus its reconstruction efforts on improving the facilities at lake Sauterelle so they can boast the same good-looking appearance and level of comfort that make our great renown. Cabin #1 will be refurbished inside out while chalets # 2 and # 3 will finally have their own individual showers and modern 12volt solar lighting. All of this being done of course without neglecting the usual maintenance and necessary improvements to our 21 other cabins!

With excellent fishing quality, well maintained cabins, recent aluminum boats with new outboards, satellite phones at each camp and a young, reliable and courteous team, Air Tamarac intends to remain a must for anglers and hunters.  Now with brook trout fishing and moose hunting, Air Tamarac has it all!


We still have excellent openings for 2021.   Don’t wait any longer for priority bookings and reserve your trip.  Please remember to send in the required deposit of 200 $ per person or contact us to confirm your stay. Please note that with the pandemic there will not be any sportsmen show held this year but take advantage of this time of year and be in the first to offer a well-deserved fishing or hunting trip to your loved ones!

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