19 Mar


2019 Review


To everyone's surprise, the record set in 2018 for the latest ice out was again beaten in 2019! The Gouin Reservoir was under a thick layer of white ice on the opening day and, for the first time, we had to move or postpone some fishermen. It is obvious that the situation slowed down walleye fishing at start and delayed the catch of trophy northerns on top water by about 10 days. But afterwards we had an exceptional season, specially in term of size of walleyes caught. 

2019 was the 4th  year of implementation of the 13-18,5 inches slot limit on walleye at Gouin Reservoir and, more than ever, we are the privileged witnesses of the wildlife benefits of this measure. As a leader and pioneer in this area, we have always supported such a regulation; Air Tamarac, having imposed this rule at Lake Hébert more than 15 years ago, offers a walleye fishing success really tough to match!

But with this late spring and colder waters, the trout fishing at Lac-de-la-Sauterelle has remained excellent over a longer period during the season, much to the delight of our brook trout fishermen.  Admire some beautiful catches on our 2019 album or on the Air Tamarac Facebook page. You will see at the same time that our moose hunt has also been successful.


The 2019 season at Air Tamarac has certainly been very busy in number of customers but has also been most active in projects of all kinds. In fact, on our Sauterelle territory, in addition to the ongoing work required to upgrade existing facilities, we have reopened the Johnson lake and Sheila lake cabins, mainly for moose hunting. And some of you will be more than happy to learn that chalets # 2 and # 3 will finally have their own showers.

We also refurbished our good old Clova seaplane base. It was greatly needed.  This major project has improved our service, our image and comfort of our aging facilities and will help the next generation to serve you for a long time. On Gouin Reservoir chalet # 45 (Matawa Bay) went through a major rework. It was raised and levelled plus we added a new kitchen there as well as in chalet # 17 in West Saraana River, always to serve you as well as we can. 


The highlight of 2019 is certainly the opening of a so anticipated new fishing and hunting territory dedicated to   walleye, northern pike and moose. With an environmentally responsible mentality, we are proud to offer a fully equipped solar powered cabin for 2 to 4 people, just 10 minutes flight from Clova, where you can enjoy isolation. The excellent fishing quality of this lake is recognized, thus we open it strictly under a catch and release policy, knowing that this new destination is a fishing paradise to preserve, with an unparalleled intimacy. You will eat fish on the spot, respecting a slot size limit same as Gouin, but without bringing any back. Do not miss your chance to book there this year! We thank our team for all the efforts put in that achievement. 

And the replacement in 2019 of our service plane (the little Piper Cub) by a larger and more efficient Cessna 180, coupled with a qualified crew assigned to your service ensure the best service you can find on a fly-in fishing or hunting trip.  

With excellent fishing quality, well maintained cabins, recent aluminum boats with new outboards, satellite phones at each camp and a young, reliable and courteous team, Air Tamarac intends to remain a must for anglers and hunters.  Now with brook trout fishing and moose hunting, Air Tamarac has it all!

Please note that, for the duration of your stay, Air Médic protection for emergency medical evacuation by helicopter will remain included in our packages.  A big plus when booking with Air Tamarac!

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