31 Aug


What's new for 2019

2019 will be the 25th season of Air Tamarac's operation by the family and the Blanchard-Bédard couple. After all these years and after having taken care and renovated all the chalets and equipment during that time, we finally intend to refurbish our good old Clova seaplane base.  This major project will improve our service, our image and comfort of our aging facilities and will help the next generation to serve you for a long time.

And speaking of succession we are proud to announce that Robin, our last son, pursuing his dream will join the ranks of the professional pilots of the company alongside Daniel, Christophe, Louis, Dominic and Jean.

Proud of the quality of improvements made over the last 24 years, the work that has begun will continue so that all of our territories offer the same level of service that Air Tamarac has accustomed you to. As such, we will be carrying out several renovations of docks and boardwalks, especially at lakes Hébert and Sauterelle. We also plan to acquire a bigger seaplane to replace our too small Piper Cub to better help with the maintenance and service of the cottages.  A dedicated maintenance worker will fly it at your service. 

We are constantly improving and looking for new grounds; thus, a new private walleye and pike lake and new moose hunting territories should be offered as early as 2019. We are talking here about Lake Angela and Sheila Lake, which we will re-open for moose hunting on our Sauterelle territory.


2018 will have marked the 50th anniversary of Air Tamarac’s existence and, to our great surprise, last spring season  will be remembered as THE latest ice out we’ve ever experienced;  all the large bays of Gouin Reservoir were still under  thick white ice on our opening day!  So if we can’t prove global warming in Clova, we can at least say that we experienced surprising weather disturbances for the last 3 years.  The situation slowed walleye fishing at the beginning of the season and delayed trophy pike fishing on top water by about 10 days.  But afterwards, if we rely on your fishing reports, we had an exceptional season in terms of size of walleyes caught, as much at Lake Hébert as at Réservoir Gouin. Remember that 2018 was the 3rd year of implementation of the 13-18,5 inches slot limit on walleye at Gouin Reservoir and we really reap the benefits! We have always encouraged such a measure;  Air Tamarac is a leader and pioneer in the field, having imposed a slot at Lake Hébert more than 15 years ago.

Our phenomenal northern pike fishing experience on Gouin Réservoir came back to normal in 2018 after a tough 2017 season and fishing for brook trout at Lac-de-la-Sauterelle has been exceptional, complementing well our specialty: walleye fishing!   Admire some beautiful catches at or on the Air Tamarac Facebook page and you will also see that our moose hunts were very successful. 

In terms of projects and renovations, the season has been very busy with, among other things, the upgrade of the Sauterelle facilities, including 8 Princecraft Yukon 15 boats and new mattresses, as well as new docks at all our Gouin cabins. Thanks to the whole team for great efforts.

With excellent fishing quality, well maintained cabins, aluminum boats with new outboards, satellite phones at each camp and a young, reliable and courteous team, Air Tamarac intends to remain a must for anglers and hunters.  Now with brook trout fishing and moose hunting, Air Tamarac has it all!

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