15 Dec


2016 in review

Spring 2016 will go down in history as the latest ice out seen over 22 years in operation. Imagine! On May 25th there were still icebergs on Saraana Bay, while the season opened on May 20th... But rest assured: seasons are not all the same and our cottages, strategically located on Gouin, always allow for an early opening.

We believe that the quality of trophy pike fishing was affected by this late start, but not that of the walleye. You were several to mention that the pike trophies were discreet in 2016, but just as many to tell us that the walleye bit well and that they were by average bigger than usual.

But despite the persistent ice on Gouin, we kept promise and were able to build fish houses with running water for each of the chalets and we also changed all mattresses.

Another notable addition to our services in 2016 was the opening of small catch and release "canoe" lakes, for daily expedition and accessible by organized trails, at each of our sites on Gouin. Come and try them!

2016 was also the year of the implantation of the 13”-18,5” slot limit on walleye at Reservoir Gouin. We highly support this primary and important fishing rule. Air Tamarac, a leader and pioneer in the field, imposed such a rule on Lac Hébert more than ten years ago. And, year after year, our fishing quality improves. Several trophies are released each year; enjoy lots of happy pictures on our photo album and also on our Facebook page.

For a superior fishing experience in newly refurbished cabins with recent aluminum boats equipped with brand new motors every year, satellite phone at each camp site and a young, dynamic and personalized service, AIR TAMARAC remains more than ever a must for you  serious fishermen. 

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