Basic fishing equipment to bring

For your walleye, northern pike or brook trout fishing experience

  • Québec fishing licence (available at our office): Year 86.35 $ cdn, 7-day 52.03 $ cdn, 3-day 34.61 $ cdn, C&R 33.85$;
  • For Canadian Residents only: Your Pleasure Craft Operator Card;
  • IMPORTANT : AT lake Hebert, Charlotte, Angele and Sauterelle ONLY life vest (mandatory), boat seats and landing nets are provided;
  • Bring your boat cushions for your comfort, landing net and life vest;
  • Portable fish finder;
Basic fishing equipment to bring
Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing

  • 6 to 10 pounds’ test line is enough (attached directly to the jig head for walleye fishing/no swivel or stell leader);
  • Worms (night crawlers) are recommended for walleye fishing. Use half a piece with jigs or go with the bottom bouncers (walker) technique;
  • Jigs: lead heads ¼ ounce (3/8 ounce good in July and August.) of many colors. Please fish barbless for catch & release;
  • 3 inches’ plastic tail (mister twister style) of many colors. 4 inches with 3/8 ounce.  Bring smaller heads and grubs for times when they are picky.  Yellow, white, black, chartreuse, orange, purple are sure values;
  • As tails, the new salted power minnows by Berkley are excellent (blue and grey);

                -              If you are trolling for walleyes instead of jigging: Deep Thunderstick, Wally Diver, Frenzy, Shad raps, Thin fins (blue ones), Perch rapalas, Hot’n Tot

Northern Pike Equipement

  • Wobbling spoons like red and white with silver back or yellow five-of- diamonds Dardevil, Blue Fox Aqua Spoons or Len Thompsons are really the bread-and-butter lures of spring pike fishing.
  • Spinner baits, straight-shaft-spinners -- such as the Panther Martin, Blue Fox or Mepps -- are also good lures for trophy   
  • Pike also hit jigs (double tail green jigs), Rapalas and Thundersticks. In the summer, some of the biggest pike are caught with small jigs while Walleye fishing. It makes sense because the big pike will then patrol the outer parameter of the schools of Walleyes.
Northern Pike Equipement
Brook Trout Fishing

Brook Trout Fishing

For Brook Trout fishing, 2 to 4 pounds’ line is recommended.

Having a few worms around is always a good plan.

Here a list of a few of our favorites lures:

  • « Meps Aglia » no2 red and white or no3 rainbo
  • « Williams Wobbler » golden or silver/gold
  • « Blue Fox Vibrax » small size for shallow waters
  • « Mepps Little Wolf » ¼ perfect for 2 to 4 pounds’ line
  • « Bob-it » red/silver/gold with a worm
  • « Rapala » silver no7
  • « Mepps Comet », silver or gold, with yellow or red dots
  • « Delphin Alligator » gold with red stripe
  • « Toronto Wobbler » chrome with blue stripe, or top chrome and bottom silver
  • « Sutton West River » chrome et copper